Ah yes, that’s me peering at you through my fuck doily.

How pretty must we make something before we can talk about it?

Ya know, if there’s one thing I hope you get from my art, — oops! artists aren’t supposed to say what we hope you’ll get.  So if you don’t want to read that, just go here to read the rest of this About page.

Ok, so if you’re still here … what I hope is that you could live your life being true to who you are. I know, it’s so cliché. But people still are attacked for being gay, people commit suicide because they can’t find an understanding soul to talk to about their childhood abuse, most of us walk around emanating body shame, and … and … . I could go on.

I want to live in a world surrounded by people being true to themselves and supporting each other in that vein. Yes, this has been my personal work too, with my own secrets. I make these doilies and art pieces to add my voice to all those doing the same to make space for these secrets to dissipate, go poof. Maybe they’ll eat up some CO2 in the atmosphere too – a double win.

The other thing I hope you get from my art is a laugh because that is surely the only way I can deal with this topic and evolve myself through letting go of my own secrets.  Berating myself with “You should let go of X” didn’t really work for me.

Oh yeah, so I didn’t start out as an artist but I swear it was several great grandmothers past who swooped down to earth and dragged me by my ears into a craft store and forced me to buy my first crochet hook and yarn, all the while muttering stuff like “now you can vote … buy butter in a s-t-o-r-e … don’t have to get sick and go hungry moving your family around the world in a boat … birth control?!! you have the f’n pill!  … gotta keep your ass evolving.”

Embarrassed at the fact that I was crocheting (one of my secrets), I crocheted traditional doilies only privately in my own home for years while holding down a professional job in hi-tech.  After working through my Crocheter’s Anonymous 12-Step Program for Crocheting in Public and creating my first erect penis doilies, I started showing my work – in public.

The broad range of reactions from people recoiling in horror at my pretty pocket-sized genitalia to others laughing overly-hysterically at the fuck doily has captured my attention. When people find out what I make, they either high-tail it away or swoop in and we start talking about something interesting which, often, has nothing to do with whatever doily they saw.  This is a very helpful litmus test for finding people I can evolve with!

I now make items and works of art to transform many taboos. You can check them out at my shoppe at The People’s Doily.


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