What does a crucifix mean? What do my physical looks mean?

The day before my show opened, I participated in an unrelated community collaboration / brainstorming event.

I was paired with a Filipino woman and we were to talk for a few minutes about what was alive for us.

Having just come from putting the finishing touches on my first solo art show, I told her about it.

Me: It’s about addressing secrets, taboos we hold emotionally in our bodies that contort us when we can’t be honest about them and let them out.

She: Is it paintings, photography?

Me: Wellll, I do it through provocative doilies.

She: Oh? Tell me the worst doily you’ve made.

I considered the gorgeous onyx and gold cross around her neck.

Me: Really?

She: Yes, tell me the worst one, the worst message.

Me: O … kay … well, I made a cock that’s big enough to go over the back of a chair … I demonstrated with my hands flowing over the back of my chair. She was already laughing. Encouraged, I added the next detail about the spray and she was doubled over in her chair with more laughter.

Me: I’m curious exactly what part is funny for you.

She: You don’t look like someone who would do that!!

Me: Well, I was considering the cross you were wearing and wasn’t sure it would be a good thing to share this.

We laughed many more times that afternoon as we passed each other to join different groups. It is not lost on me that I was having my own stereotypically-tending brain blown just like she was. How pleasant.