The “U” of …


Three guesses as to who this is a tribute to.  No, make that one guess.

Yes, it’s a doily tribute to George Carlin and his “Seven Words you can’t Say on TV”.

A friend who knows I’ve been crocheting this for many many months asked me at one point, “What letter are you on?”

Now, take a look at that picture. What would you have said?

As ordinarily as I’ve ever heard myself say that word, I said, “the ‘u’ of cunt.”

Hey! Progress! Of course, we both busted out laughing at how it sounded as ordinary as if I’d said the U of Kentucky.

I dunno … imagine if we all could just simply say what we wanted to say… .

Thanks to the photographer (who chooses to be anonymous) for asking for this photo while on a camping trip. The best backdrop we had was the tailgate of a pickup. I think George would’ve approved.

Completed doily

George Carlin and the Meaning of Life

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