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Gary’s Chair

Months before my show opening, I knew I would include the Active Antimacassar.

For proper viewing, I would need an antimacassar-inviting chair.

I began my search, asking friends, checking craigslist and furniture stores for an inexpensive, good condition, overstuffed or la-z-boy style chair. Many leads but nothing turned up.

My friend Gary offered his gorgeous oxblood recliner. Oh my, the white balls would look so good against that color. And it was in great condition. But no, I couldn’t borrow my friend’s gorgeous chair. What if something happened to it? Could I actually replace it? I kept looking.

A week later, Gary offered his chair again. I’d continued following up on many kind chair leads but none were panning out.

Gary, I can’t borrow your chair, I said.

What if I rip it while transporting it? Or somehow it’s damaged at the show? I might not be able to get you another one in that gorgeous color.

Well, when you become famous, then the chair will be famous, and I will be famous.

Ok, I’ll borrow your chair.

Thank you, Gary.