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50 hoops Show with the Luv Spider

The Luv Spider debuted at the Hoop Show at the Soap Gallery in December 2008.

My brain so entertains me.

Lisa Mendelson, one of the owners of the Soap Gallery, handed me a hoop a few months ago and invited me to participate in her upcoming show.

“Here, you can do anything with it. AnyThing!” she said.

Me: AnyThing?


Me: Ok, I’m in.

My brain sees a spider web. Who knows why.

And a spider. Capturing what?

Why, penises, of course.

And the spider body?

In the shape of a heart. One of its legs pops out of the embroidery to catch … a flying penis which just happens to be passing by inches above the heart spider.

I have no idea where these thoughts come from.

She gave me the hoop! It’s her fault.

I machine embroidered it and then placed it into a hand embroidery hoop. My kinda statement.

That yellow bugger reminds me of those little fish crackers.

Jello Demise of the Prayer Flags

The Benders doily show is now over.

I heard something like this from Lisa as she delivered my doilies to me:

“Um, I have all your doilies but … um … well … there was a minor mishap with your small penis prayer flags. Seems the bar hosted an evening of jello fights and … well … the pieces got gooed up a bit with jello stains. They’ve offered to pay for your piece.”

Me: Are you kidding? I want the sticky evidence for a good story!

And there you have it.