One Night Stand

Visitors to the San Jose Museum of Art handled, twisted, fondled and pondered my crocheted body parts as part of the museum’s evening show One Night Stand contemplating Personal Identity.

display table

Pre-show. Table full of crocheted body parts and a flyer describing why I did this.

For examination, I provided intestines, eyeballs, and appendices as well as the always anticipated genitalia. I suspended amygdalae, tongues, and recta to symbolize those body parts of real people in conversation.

I often ponder only one part of the body of all the people around me as an effort to remember we are all more than what is immediately visible externally. Sometimes I ponder their brains when I’m in stressful corporate meetings. Or I ponder their stomachs when I’m in line for breakfast for the fifth day of a cruise.

Together we pondered religious teachings that we’d been exposed to that encouraged treating people differently because of skin hue – “it would be better for both if you don’t date someone of a different color”. One woman came by and tweaked the pearl of every vulva on the table. Another wondered why there were more penises than vulvae – and then we counted. The penises were just more visible but actually the vulvae were more numerous. One viewer commented that many more women handled the objects than men. I encouraged him to help balance that out.

serious discussion

Intense contemplation did happen once or twice but raucous activity ruled. Unfortunately we were too busy bantering comments and body parts about to take any pics then.

suspended tongues

Tongues suspended at kid height, in a circle

suspended tongues close

Close-up of suspended tongues

suspended amygdalae

Suspended amygdalae

suspended recta

Suspended recta

girl rectum

Someone dubbed this exhibit a “Girl rectum”

brown shimmering rectum

Does that mean this is a “Boy rectum”?

eyeball play

Some people can’t be taken anywhere

intestine fondling

Quiet moment with intestine

playing with parts 2

The eyeballs connected to the appendix, the appendix connected to another appendix, the other appendix connected to … .

body part menagerie

Back: lungs ride a rectum over the amygdala through a sea of intestines.

Front: a wormy red and white appendix inches its way up to the head of a penis while an eyeball watches on.