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Doily Tribute to George Carlin

It’s complete! Thanks to a priestly looking friend for modeling with it. I’m too short – and not very priestly looking.

carlin doily

doily gone camping

Do You Know the secret message in Carlin’s words?

Have a sentiment you’d like to offer George for having the guts to speak those 7 words way back then? Submit it and we’ll hang it at a show that this finally will be displayed in, for sure, it will be in a show … somewhere … soon-ish …

George Carlin and the Meaning of Life

I have known for years of George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV.

But it was only through calculating how far I am on this tribute doily that I discovered he packed a little secret into those words.

shit = 4
piss = 4
fuck = 4
cunt = 4
motherfucker = 12
cocksucker = 10
tits = 4

For a grand total of 42!

Can you believe it?!! The answer to the meaning of life is right there in his words!

carlin doily

The “U” of …


Three guesses as to who this is a tribute to.  No, make that one guess.

Yes, it’s a doily tribute to George Carlin and his “Seven Words you can’t Say on TV”.

A friend who knows I’ve been crocheting this for many many months asked me at one point, “What letter are you on?”

Now, take a look at that picture. What would you have said?

As ordinarily as I’ve ever heard myself say that word, I said, “the ‘u’ of cunt.”

Hey! Progress! Of course, we both busted out laughing at how it sounded as ordinary as if I’d said the U of Kentucky.

I dunno … imagine if we all could just simply say what we wanted to say… .

Thanks to the photographer (who chooses to be anonymous) for asking for this photo while on a camping trip. The best backdrop we had was the tailgate of a pickup. I think George would’ve approved.

Completed doily

George Carlin and the Meaning of Life

Fricatives in Pink

fuck doilyThe world can now go on spinning. All those pretty crochet flowers and pineapples, duckies and bows were making me crazy.

I had this doily discreetly on display at a BABA Book Arts Jam.

Near the end, a woman made a beeline for my table. She stopped and looked around the table like she was looking for the next clue in one of those traveling puzzles.

Finally she said, “I heard there is a doily here that says ‘fuck’.”

I moved a few pieces off of the letters and after a while she said, “I keep my house pretty far away from the normal … but that would work.”

Filet crochet with #10 thread

About 18-1/2 inches long by 8-1/2 inches wide

Excessively Beaded Fuck Doily

You will need a lot of patience, new skills, and possibly the use of an implement not designed for the purpose you will put it to in order to lay this doily just the way you and it would like.

fuck doily

One must feel this doily to fully grasp the tension between the taut filet work and the pull of the many little glass beads. If we’re ever in the same vicinity, please ask to feel this work. I carry it just about everywhere I go and if every interaction that has this kind of tension with another person could work out this beautifully and respectfully, peace on earth would be in the bag, I’m tellin’ ya.

Doily crocheted with #80 thread and textured monochromatic beads

About 10-1/4 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches high

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