Basket of Vulvae

basket of vulvaeWarm the home or gynecological office with this basket of vulvae.

Can be made to order to your color scheme, just ask. Includes 8 different vulvae and a crocheted basket whose center exhibits the majestic quality of an amethyst geode.

Note that each vulva creation is unique, even those of the same fibers, just like nature.


Crochet sculpture

Size variable

For this offering, basket is 5-1/2 inches in diameter and 1-3/4 inches high and holds 8 vulvae.

Vulvae range from 2 inches to 3-3/4 inches long

Handwash cool or dryclean

What Happened?

I’ve been creating these items for 10 years and I expected to find that everyone would just get a chuckle and we’d move on. But that didn’t happen. And it kept not happening. This wasn’t how I remembered life 20 years ago, say, when I was starting my first job. What happened?

Yes, some people do chuckle and then move on. But others are offended. Some have difficulty talking with me now. Business relationships took strange twists. I’ve been told, “I thought you were a good girl” or “you’re gonna get yourself in trouble”. Others just choke and don’t know what to say.

One male friend pleaded with me not to pull these items out of my pockets. A stranger turned one of my doilies over in an art museum out of embarrassment or shock, I presume, but then weeks later called to apologize. That was unusual.

On occasion an intriguing conversation comes out of it. A couple women have learned about their own genitals through these pieces — “oh, so that’s what it looks like!”

A perfect stranger simply explained that circumcision in his native country, India, is almost unheard of. As he spoke, he casually picked up my crocheted uncircumcised penis and waved it in the air like the baton of a band director.

The range of responses to these seemingly benign items has intrigued me to be more public and have this conversation on a wider level with more people throughout the world. I want to see what’s out there.

So tell me — what’s out there?!

Hers ‘n His Bookmarks

Both of you reading War and Peace together? Harry Potter? Maybe the Bible or the Qur’an?

his and hers bookmarks

Here’s the perfect solution for classy partners who read and share. Never lose your place again.

This project stemmed from the upcoming wedding of one member of my collaborative and sneaky art group, the Bay Area Book Artists.

We secretly designed this gift for him in particular, each participating member creating a page of verse and art about love that was to his taste of the early classics.

Then member Don Drake of Dreamingmind Bindery leatherbound the pages into a fine specimen of art group collaboration, gift-giving and taste.

I did not find myself resonating with the early classics theme but proposed early on that I do something in crochet. Crochet is a classic art form, I argued, because people have been crocheting since we had fingers. (Yes, you don’t need a fancy hook.)

I asked if the group would accept an offering of, say, a crocheted bookmark in some shape or other. Sure, they said. I went to work.

his and hers bookmarks


Remembering the comments about my contribution to this group’s past collaborative wedding gift of a bookquet, I felt it my responsibility to answer their previously unmet wishes.

Seems to resonate with the classic theme, don’t you think?



his and hers bookmarks


Coming soon: hers ‘n hers, and his ‘n his, as well as his ‘n hers ‘n his, and hers ‘n his ‘n hers, and … .

Fricatives in Pink

fuck doilyThe world can now go on spinning. All those pretty crochet flowers and pineapples, duckies and bows were making me crazy.

I had this doily discreetly on display at a BABA Book Arts Jam.

Near the end, a woman made a beeline for my table. She stopped and looked around the table like she was looking for the next clue in one of those traveling puzzles.

Finally she said, “I heard there is a doily here that says ‘fuck’.”

I moved a few pieces off of the letters and after a while she said, “I keep my house pretty far away from the normal … but that would work.”

Filet crochet with #10 thread

About 18-1/2 inches long by 8-1/2 inches wide

Candy Dish

alt pic textI gave one of these little male guys to my dental hygenist who’s been one of my biggest fans for years now. I got an email later that evening from her saying, “When I got home, I was playing with it and accidentally dropped it but it landed straight up!”

Crochet sculpture


coasterYeah, that’s what it is — a coaster. With little protective sentinels to be sure the wrong person doesn’t take your drink.






Crochet with pearly beads. About 5-1/2 inches diameter and 1 inch high.

Excessively Beaded Fuck Doily

You will need a lot of patience, new skills, and possibly the use of an implement not designed for the purpose you will put it to in order to lay this doily just the way you and it would like.

fuck doily

One must feel this doily to fully grasp the tension between the taut filet work and the pull of the many little glass beads. If we’re ever in the same vicinity, please ask to feel this work. I carry it just about everywhere I go and if every interaction that has this kind of tension with another person could work out this beautifully and respectfully, peace on earth would be in the bag, I’m tellin’ ya.

Doily crocheted with #80 thread and textured monochromatic beads

About 10-1/4 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches high

See more of my doilies here.